Who We Are



on 11/11/11, Remy came rushing into this world, 4 weeks early, to parents Rob and Corinne. After 25 days in the NICU, our journey really began as we watched our little man grown and learn. For the first year, things moved very fast as he met every milestone considerably early. Watching your 7 month old adeptly cruise around the furniture, is a sight to see! While his motor skills were impressive, it was evident that his communication was lacking.

We were so grateful to have the support and guidance from his Early Intervention Team from Cape Cod Child Development, who worked with him until it was time for school at 3 years-old. Remy easily met criteria for an autism diagnosis and was eligible for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in order to meet his special needs. With his learning taken care of, over the years we exposed him to several extra curricular activities. He loves and excels at: shooting hoops, golf, soccer, putting together jigsaw puzzles, memorizing and writing large words (really he can do this for hours) but one area was missing, arts and crafts

Remy was never a child who liked to create. He didn’t enjoy coloring books, play-dough or any other typical craft for kids. We set out to expose him to something that he would really enjoy in the creative world and we found it! Enter…..


Remy’s Rainbows

During the Summer of 2018, I was painting with acrylics and Remy asked join in. I noticed he was trying to use the techniques he uses with his alcohol inks but with no success. I researched once again and it led me down the rabbit hole of Acrylic Fluid Art. Together, we learned new vocabulary like “Flip Cup” and ‘Dirty Pours” as well as various techniques to manipulate the paint. He quickly began to make gorgeous works of art and as a proud parent I shared them on Facebook. Little did we know the impact his art would have on others, as they asked if they could purchase his pieces.

We are moved by the response to Remy’s Art and the ability to share it with others. It’s a delicate balance of making sure Remy is always in control and always creating because he wants to, and not from the demand of others. Our goal isn’t to focus on selling art work, but rather exposing the world to the gifts of our autistic child.

Remy sums up the journey in the best way possible, proclaiming: “Mama, this art is AWESOME!”