Art Products We Love

Our Amazon links is a directory of all the products we love or have gotten a personal recommendation of. On this page you’ll find the materials we use for Remy’s Art Work and Jewelry. They are all affiliate links, which means that we will receive a small commission, for all verified purchases made from clicking the link. We appreciate all your support! If you want to read our full disclosure statement, it can be found here.

Art Supplies

Obviously we wouldn’t be here is it wasn’t for Remy’s Art. We do buy a lot of supplies locally, but many things can’t be found and we turn to Amazon and have had great results. Maybe you’ll find something that you want to use to make your own special creation!

Supplies for Remy’s Fluid Art

Condiment Bottles- 10 pack

So you may not need these for art but you can use them to hold your condiments! These were the perfect bottles to hold are mixed paints in and it makes it easy for Remy to dispense his paint. It comes with a small funnel and labels to!

Mini Canvas on Mini Easels

How cute are these! While yes, Remy does much bigger work, I just purchased these for him to paint and then use them as signs for when I do a craft show. You can use them for a whole host of things, including a small art project for a birthday party??


8” X 10” Canvas 10-Pack

I purchase many of our canvases at Michael’s locally, but I can’t always get out to the store. I purchased these when we were practicing for Remy’s art submission and they were just as good as the ones we normally purchase.

Treadmill Belt Lubricant

O.K., this may seem like a strange item, but its a must in fluid art as it creates all those great cells in the paint when he is creating! Also, if you ever need 10% silicon for something, here you go!