April is Autism Acceptance Month!

(or it should be)

Remy created a special painting as a gift to his school for Autism Acceptance Month. It was a great day where he was able to share a piece of himself with his peers and they got to know a little more about him.


April is Autism Awareness Month, but it should be Autism Acceptance Month as that is what is needed! Take a read of this How-to so you can support an autistic individual during this month and beyond

How to Support an Autistic Person During Autism Awareness Month

How to Cope with Autism Awareness Month

10 ‘Autism Interventions’ for Families Embracing the Neurodiversity Paradigm

Or check out my blog post on the month and Neurodiversity positivity:

I’m and Autistic Ally, Are You?

April 2, 2019

April 2, 2019

If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism
— Dr. Stephen Shore

New Works

Discover Remy’s latest art pieces

Experience our Journey “Raising Remy”

Remy In Action!

Food Therapy Progress

I will have a new blog post soon on his overall progress but wanted to share this video as we were so incredibly proud of him.

Remy Creates a Special Canvas

We got an email from a mom who told us that her beautiful twin little girls, just a few years older than Remy, love looking at his paintings. They also enjoyed the short video of him we posted of him as he worked, so we wanted to record a longer of Remy creating their birthday gift, so they could enjoy it for years to come.