Remy worked really hard on wishing everyone a Happy New Year! He may have had trouble with the expressive language, but when I (Corinne) asked him what tomorrow was, he proudly proclaimed “ January 1, 2019.”

Remy picking out and then decorating our Christmas Tree, 2018.

Remy picking out and then decorating our Christmas Tree, 2018.

If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism
— Dr. Stephen Shore

Remy In Action!


Food Therapy Progress

I will have a new blog post soon on his overall progress but wanted to share this video as we were so incredibly proud of him.


Remy Creates a Special Canvas

We got an email from a mom who told us that her beautiful twin little girls, just a few years older than Remy, love looking at his paintings. They also enjoyed the short video of him we posted of him as he worked, so we wanted to record a longer of Remy creating their birthday gift, so they could enjoy it for years to come.


Exciting News

IMG_0305 (1).JPG

Remy’s art piece, “Surfer’s Folly,” has been accepted into the “Art Speaks: Piece by Piece” art exhibit at the V°LITION GALLERY in Orangeburg, NY! It begins on November 18th with an opening reception from 2pm-5pm and runs through January 6th 2019.

With the Opening reception behind us, you can still see both of Remy’s pieces at the Volition Gallery on Saturday and Sunday’s through January 6th!


New Works

Discover Remy’s latest art pieces

Experience our Journey “Raising Remy”